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6 cars, 11 regions, 100+ spots, all in camera. To capture the exhilarating performance of each of Acura’s 2018-2019 models within every major market, we custom built an enormous LED stage and lit the whole thing up with striking design-driven environment projections we shot across the US.

Production Process

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Stills & Campaign Selects

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Behind The Scenes: On The Road

Behind The Scenes: On Set

CG Update

Following the success of our initial live action campaign, we delivered 3 additional car models across 50+ spots. This time the films were executed 100% in CG, seamlessly matching the original rollout.

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Associate Creative Director MullenLowe
Sean Stell
Senior Producer MullenLowe
Nicole Schofield
Production & VFX Company
Directed by
Directors/Creative Directors
Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Executive Producer
Alexander Aab
Art Directors
Federico Gonzalez, Javier Pinto, Mathieu Felix
Ross McLennan
Adam Thomson
LED Specialist
Brandon Epperson
Production Manager
Dustin Pownall
Production Designer
Geoff Flint
Production Supervisors
Colin Lewis, Rochelle Savory
VFX Supervisors
Federico Gonzalez, Carlos Navarro
Key Grip
Johnny London Jr
Location Unit DP
Sing Howe Yam
Location Unit AC
Jason Krangel
Location Scouts
Deren Getz, Chan Claggett, Dave Egan, Maria Roxas, Bo Svensson, Mary Walbridge, Christian Fechser
Drone Operators
Trinidad, Jose Ocejo, Andrew Terry, Mitch Worley
VFX Lead & Compositor
Carlos Navarro
Post Producers
Dustin Pownall, Mery MPH, Daniela Borges, Maria Fernanda Diez, Camila Araujo
2D & Compositing
Xevi Polo, Felipe Kenji, Mikel Calvo, Carlos Robles, Carlos Arandia, Daniel Gomez, Adrian Moran, Marc Blanch, Cristian Martin, Lores, Alessandro Neri, Anna Mejuto, Adrian J. Duran
CG Supervisor RLX
Max Chelyadnikov
3D Animation RLX
Dmitriy Paukov
Rendering/Compositing RLX
Filipp Gorbachev
Rotoscoping Artists
Isabel Pinheiro, Alberto Jimenez
Storyboard Artist
Mercer Boffey
Concept Artist
Michal Sawtyruk

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