Plasticmakers Dominoes

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A journey of sustainable transformation to showcase the emerging recycling technologies. We embraced lush, design-driven, CG and nuanced dynamic soft-body animation to bring to life the idea that even the most sweeping changes that benefit our planet, all begin with a single, simple and accessible action — just a little push.

This film is a playful rumination on the technological, and environmental advances in plastics recycling technologies. As such, it’s key that it be more than eye candy; that our domino crumpling and rebirth effect is grounded in authenticity.

We modeled dozens of plastic products and incorporated scientific direction from various research and industry groups outlining what products, materials, and types of plastics, could and could not recycle from one item into the other. We simulated and researched dynamic properties of every bottle, can, and container, making sure their crumple, wobble, and reformation felt authentic.

Process & Styleframes


Exec. Producer
Robert Berman
Creative Directors
Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov, Daniel Shaprio, Alex Topaller
Art Director
Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor
Max Chelyadnikov
Post Producer
Alexander Aab
Post Coordinator
Isabella Crawford
3D Artists
Artemy Perevertin, Filipp Gorbachev, Dmitriy Paukov
2D Artists
Pavel Khrustalev
Online & Finishing
Isabella Crawford, Daniel Shapiro
Assistant Editor
Jesse Mendelson
Max Chelyadnikov, Daniel Shapiro
Kambiz Aghdam

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