Susan Justice "Eat Dirt"
Category: Music Video

For emerging Capitol artist Susan Justice’s first major music video, Aggressive’s Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro crafted a touching, heart-warming story of a girl and a lonely statue in an ever-changing, rushing world. Using gorgeous time lapse photography as a narrative device, a colorful Gaudiesque art installation comes alive, becomes self aware and explores the universe around it.

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Project: Susan Justice "Eat Dirt"
Artist: Susan Justice
Label: Capitol
Commissioner: Danny Lockwood

Production Co / VFX: Aggressive / Snowball
Executive Producer: Dan Shapiro
Directors: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Producer: Arthur "Micah" Ross II
DOP: Damian Acevedo
Time-Lapse Photography: osh Owens
Editors: Tim Zimmer, Jason Yantz

Storyboard Artist: Rolo Ledesma
Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Sagi Zamoshchick
Project Manager: Bat Chen Natan
Statue Design: Anthony Francisco Schepperd
Layout & Effects: Natan Ivan
Rigging & Effects: Matan Halberstat, Aviv Bar-Ami
Modeling: Sagi Zamoshchick
Rendering: Omer Erlich, Tomer Epstein
Animation: aor Levi, Uri Alonim
Shading: Chen Hillel
Compositing: Alex Topaller, Sagi Zamoshchick
Additional compositing: Elad Barness, Amit Chechek
Colorist: Rob Sciarrata
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